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French Videos and Multimedia

  • Version Française has a good selection of videos. You may order a printed catalog by calling (800) 835-7537. The catalog is also available on the internet at
  • Service Franco-Video carries videos and educational French CD ROMs. Tel. (800) 835-3868.
  • World of Reading, Ltd. offers a great selection of French software for children and adults, DVD's, videos, tapes and books. For a printed catalog call (404) 233-4042 or (800) 729-3703. The online catalog is available at

French Books and Magazines

  • European Book Company, Inc. in San Francisco has a large selection of French dictionaries, books, magazines and videos. Tel. (877) 746-3666.
  • Teach me… tapes, Inc. offers a series of pleasant and easy books and cassettes for young kids. Tel. (800) 456-4656.
  • Bayard Presse carries French magazines for children. To subscribe contact Vanina Champenois at (650) 964 9323


French Food

  • Café Brioche on California Avenue is a nice place for lunch or dinner.
  • La Baguette in the Stanford Shopping Center offers a variety of French pastries.