Why French?

French is the language of diplomacy, art, culture and of course fine cuisine.

Don't hesitate.

Your child now is at the right age to start learning a foreign language. Until the age of 12 the vocal cords are able to produce all sounds in all languages and retain that ability for life.

This school year the LFA staff includes the following:

  • Agathe M. Zych, directrice et professeur LFA. Agathe has been with LFA for the past 14 years.
  • Caroline Odul, professeur LFA

We are offering an excellent opportunity at a reasonable fee for a one hour a week classes held after school. Our curriculum fulfills all the requirements of a highest standard foreign language program. It includes conversation, reading, writing and grammar with an emphasis on French culture and customs. The teaching utilizes games, songs, poetry, books, videos, magazines and food.

Please Join us.

Take a step to enrich your child's education and widen the horizons by enrolling in the LFA French Program.